LinkedIn Lead Generation

grow a network with thousands of followers that matched your ideal client profile.

What if there was a way to get in front of prospective customers who want to hear about your products and services.

Suppose you were able to grow a network with thousands of followers that matched your ideal client profile.

Imagine the benefit to your business of having this extensive audience, and being able to tell them how your services can address their pain points

That’s exactly what our LinkedIn Lead Generation Service is designed to do.

We can help you to build a networks with literally thousands of connections, generating you a steady stream of client meetings every week and huge audiences with whom you can engage with through articles and posts every day

LinkedIn is the fastest growing social platform for businesses

Gain access to the people that matter, decision makers with the purchasing power

Unrivalled targeting ability, including geography, industry, company size and role type

LinkedIn users are amongst the most active of social media users

Build an extensive network of up to 30,000 1st degree connections to build brand awareness

Keep  your network engaged by publishing articles and posts


We will laser-target your ideal client profile, based on;

Geography: local, regional, national, or international

Company size; Public, SME, or Small and everything in between

Role or Function; be it Owners, Managing Directors, Marketing or Finance Managers, etc…

Industry; Construction, Financial, Insurance, Banking, Marketing, Energy and more


We commit to making 500 connection requests every month

See your network grow with each month with new connections

Connections who are exactly  the right people that you want to talk to

Access our daily tracker to keep tabs on progress to see who has joined your network 


We don’t stop at simply making a connection; that would be too easy!

We will agree with you pre-written messages to be sent to your connections that follow your own branding and style

Our message sequence is designed to change a connection into warm and hot leads

Once we elicit a positive engagement that is your cue to engage your connection directly

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